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**************Christ's shed Blood & your salvation********************************
Nothing you can do to be born again..Eph.1:7 in Christ is our salvation & the forgiveness of our sins by His shed Blood
*****************************************************************************************************See John1:12,13 as many that receive Him , to them He gives the power to become sons of God v.13which were born not of blood,nor of the will of flesh,nor of the will of man ,(what?Baptism is not how you are born again?)WHAT? oh, only by the will of God'!!!! If water could save you & cleanse your soul from sins , then Christ did not have to die for you & for me, in fact, ***********************************************************if you rely on religion ,self righteous works, such as baptism , to save you,*********************************you are indeed rejecting Christ & His shed Blood (1Cor.5:7)as your once & for all sacrifice & I am sorry ...... without Christ & His Shed Blood , you are not Born again, which is a brand new spirit in Christ cleansed by His soul cleansing Blood from all sins Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1john2:2!!! Correct, ************if you are NOT born again in Christ John3:3 ( Eph.1:7)************************************************************** you will not see heaven, but hell. (Mark9:45,46)which will all be resurrected & judged into everlasting destruction(the lake of fire 2nd death hell is the 1st death ( Revelation 20:10-14) )this is the resurrection to Death, the 1st resurrection is to LIFE in Christ John14:2,3 , to everlasting Life in Christ if you are Born again & sealed with His Spirit unto the day of your Redemption eph.1:13 NOW see John14:2,3(when your earth body will die & Christ will receive you!!!This is why we are born again!!!made God's righteousness in Christ Jesus & having everlasting life Study 1Cor.15:34 on; please get a clear cut revelation.

God Bless you and lead you in the right path
I do not play around with words, I am straight up front with you, as These are the Last Days before Christ will come for us His Church,Rapture 1Thess.4:13-17 It will happen before Great Tribulation Rev.3:10 This is Jesus' promise to us!!!
***************************God said, if you seek Me with all of your heart & soul*********SALVATION*************** you will find Me, meaning once you do find Him(seeking Him w. all of your heart) He will hear your heart & DRAW you unto His Son for His salvation,asking Christ to come in & dwell in you Rev.3:20 He will come in & dwell in you if you mean it from your heart, and at that moment you(your spirit ) is born again in Christ & He seals you w, His Spirit unto the day of your redemption Eph.1:13 ( see those words?to the day of your redemption?(John14:2,3 & 1Thess.4:13-17!! means He will not lose one the Father has given to Him nor can the devil snatch one from the Father's hand.... if you seriously want God & His Righteousness,forgiveness by the shed Blood of Christ ,you will NOT lose your salvation in Christ Jesus!! I go on to teach in deeper understanding God Bless you as you read & learn according to the Word of God This Blog is continued .Keep scrolling down!!!
let's talk:

***************about God*********************************************************
Let's talk about God!! God is Spirit John4:24 invisible Col.1:15 ,became flesh(Jesus)1Tim.3:16 and John1:1-14(know HOW God intends for you to know Him & the way amen!!
God is so HOLY he cannot look upon any sins. People in the old test. could not keep the entire law & atone for their own sins. They could be forgiven but NOT set FREE. They never felt good & set free. God made a new way for us, BY wraping himself up in flesh (Jesus),coming to earth and laying down His Life for you & for me.Col.1:15 learn about the pre-eminent Christ;Christ being the first born of every creature,meaning Christ was earlier then,as well as preeminent in,all creation ;being the 1st born.Christ existed before creation & before the universe was created,as the 1st He had positional priority.Christ being the first born of every creature has the position;supreme over the universe.Col.1:16 by Him were all things created,being greater then all He made!!(thrones,,dominions,,,principlaities,,powers all refer to angelic beings(Eph.1:21 & 3:10 thrones refer to angels who sit on thrones as rulers,dominions refer to dominions or kingdoms over which these heavenly beings reign;principalities refer to rulers;powers refer to angelic monarchs who wield regal power;since Christ created these various ranks of angels, He is supreme over them,striking a blow to the colossian heresy advocating angel worship Col.2:8,this text forbids Christians to pay homage to angels or other heavenly beings created by God Col.2:17 by Him all things consist;(all things are held together by Him)Christ preserves all that He made in creation.
************The Church is Christ (in Born again Believers)*****************
Col.2:18 Christ is the head of the body,Christ is the head of His Church(not any angelic being) Col.3:14 ( why is He the head of His Church?)because He is the origin from which the church comes or the cause!! of our existence;**********************He is the 1st born from the dead;the 1st of a new creation**********..the church-to be raptured,never to die again,********* that in all things he alone might have pre-eminence(in all things he alone has become pre eminent. ******* Jesus is the HEAD of His Church,He alone holds the preeminent position in both the 1st creation ( The Universe )and in the new creation( The Church )thus; **********Jesus holds first place in the born again believers life;this occurs when******************* one bows to His authority,Obeys His Word,yields to His Spirit,does His Will and bestows His chief affections on Him *******(none other)see Col.1:19,20 (FOR)gives 2 reasons for Jesus' pre eminence v.18 (1)all the fullness of deity is in Him. Since He is fully God,He is preeminent (2) By Christ's death God reconciles the Universe to Himself Col.1:20,21 reconcilliation is the act whereby God,through Christ's atonement,brings men who are in sin, (at odds w. God) back to a peaceful,proper relationship with Himself (Born Again) John3:3;John14:6,Eph.1:7 ,Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2)Col.1:22 the body of His flesh through death points to His superiority,His death & resurrection is the divine means of achieving reconciliation to God. To Presnt you His Sight,which will eventually usher the born again believer in Christ ,made perfectly holy, into the heavenly presence of God.
Col.1:23 if you continue in the faith(preserve in the faith)your future entrance into God's heavenly presence depends on whether you REMAIN in the Christian faith in Christ Jesus alone.,******* that you ramain LOYAL to Christ alone*******, perseverance in faith in Christ is a test of the reality of one's trust in Christ,TRUE born again believers in Christ WILL persevere/Col.1:26,27 (Mystery) is a divine truth,too profound for man to discover and comprehend w/out help,was previously unknown but is now disclosed to man by God v.27 the specific mystery is Christ in you!!Christ dwells in converts (un known in old test)HOPE of GLORYfor a Christian is the joyful & confident expectation of salvation in Christ,(Glory) the glorious state to be enjoyed by the born again believer in Christ ,in heaven.,this refers to the certainty of heaven.
************Christ's Life & Virtues************************************************
*******Christ's Life,character,virtues,values,thoughts,attitudes & deeds are present in a Born again Christian abiding in Christ & Christ in them is the evidence that you are headed toward glory(heaven)Col.2:2 that you gain spiritual understanding,more precisely,to obtain a mature knowledge of God's Mystery about Christ (New Born again believers in Christ by His shed Blood ( Eph.1:7) minds need to be instructed in the truth (John14:6)to safeguard you against the circulating heresy. ***Col.3:3 now your life is hid with Christ in God ,or ;************your life is deposited in Christ********,who is in intimate relation with God, meaning your christian life, belongs to the spiritual or heavenly realm .Jesus is in intimate relation with God, so are His followers,*******Now you seek things above(heaven) not of this earth. Col.3:5 to mortify means to put to death,( figure of speach )members means sins, we here are taught to put to death all sins in your bodily members v.3 now that weare dead to sin you are to make this death to your old life a reality in your daily living Col.3:9 the old man(you were prior to salvation) his worldly thinking & sinful acts,since all this was renounced at concersion,*******you should not lie,falsehood ill becomes one proclaiming to be a disciple of Him who said I am the TRUTH 3:10 the new man:one becomes after conversion, we now possess a new nature,values,aspirations and new life style, This New man is constantly being renewed or developed until we attain a mature knowledge of the God who created us,the more we know & understand of God , the more we can be like God in character & conduct. Col.3:11 Not only is the new born again believer or (new man) to put sin to death ,he is also to *******put away man made barriers that divide people & that nourish the vices of the old life*******(repent)Luke13:3,AMONG renewed humanity there are no national,ceremonial,cultural,or social distinctions.To the (REDEEMED)Christ is ALL;He is everything, He is what matters Most to the born again believer,Christ dwells in all Born again believers Col.1:27
*******John4:24 God is Spirit col.1:15 invisible/became flesh 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14(Jesus)our once & for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7/2cor.5:19 God was in Christ **** Heb.9:11-15 Only the shed Blood of Christ cleanses our souls from sins & all unrighteousness Rom.3:25 *******Propitiation is an act of God the shed Blood of Christ was fully accepted by God as the complete sacrifice for all human sins and it is available only to all who BY FAITH 1john2:2 accept His Provision for our sins (Lev.17:11 BLOOD makes the atonement (not water or any religious act)*******the only way you will ever see heaven******* is if you believe God & RECEIVE Christ as your Savior & Once & for all sacrifice 1Cor.5:7 &*****SALVATION**** Rev.3:20 by asking Him into your heart (Rev.3:20:the door is your Heart; hearing His voice , is hearing or reading the Gospel & believing,opening the door(your heart) is asking Him into your heart to dwell in you & to be your redeemer ( Savior) at which point you are born again, if you indeed mean it in your heart when you ask Him into your heart, God only hears our hearts see 2Cor.7:9,10 confessing with GODLY sorrow?If you indeed are sorry God will hear your heart & if your heart is genuinely repentant (Luke13:3)having turned away from sins to Christ) He will hear your heart , GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU & set you free.from whatever religious acts,false doctrines,idolatry,self righteousness(self righteous religious acts)all sins, bondage,drugs,sexual immorality (any & all sins)laciviousnes ( ALL)*******do not try to get right FIRST before Receiving Christ as your Savior...He alone by the power of His shed Blood sets you free , delivers you & forgives you & changes you into One new man.******** Mark2::7 Jesus came to lead sinners to repentance.*******(Please learn ONE main thing, important to your everlasting destiny (die to all sins of the flesh,crucify your flesh(heart) God cannot Look upon ANY Sin & do not be deceived 1Cor.6:9,10 no sin enters heaven also Gal.5:19-21 whoever practices sin will not see heaven.(abominations are listed)do not be deceived, led astray from God by false doctrines ,heretic beliefs,strange teachings against the word of God. Nothing at all you can EVER do to be born again John1:12,13 Jesus teaches you are NOT born again by the will of your flesh or blood nor of the will of man BUT by God, so you must know here:when you seek God with all of your heart soul & mind,God will HEAR your heart & He alone will draw you unto His Son & His salvation. *************************************************************************************
*******************************************God does NOT care where you have been or what you have done before you RECEIVE Christ as your Savior into your heart REv.3:20 Eph.1:7/*************** Only God changes us from the inside out , Only God sets us free & cleanses us from all sins by the power of the shed Blood of Christ 1John1:9,10 (ALL have sinned Romans3:23; Jesus was the ONLY ONE who was holy,&sinless. * our Once & forall sacrifice 1Cor.5:7 John8:12 & Rom.5:12 death(of the soul in hell & the lake) is the result of sins. Matt.7:21-23 many profess Jesus & are not saved, not just by belieivng is enough to save you, not even saying that you believe is enough to save you(satan believes) ( so altar confessions of Christ as Savior) and Not meaning it in your heart...will not save you)apart from GENUINE repentance Luke13:3 turning away from all sins to Christ , if you do not:your soul (you) will perish in hell and the lake Mark9:45,46 & Rev.20:10-14...........remembering God is Spirit John4:24 & He made us in His image(Spirit)God has a soul Lev.26:30 (mind will & emotions) so do we in His image and God has a Body ( Jesus) 1Tim.3:16 & John1:1-14 & 2Cor.5:19) so do we in His image///***************************************************************Once you believe the gospel 1Cor.15:3,4 , and ask Christ in to your heart to be your Savior, and He does come in & dwell in you Rev.3:20 & Col.1:27 He will seal you with His Spirit unto the day of your redemption Eph.1:13 Jesus is the sealer & the Holy Spirit is the which when your earth body shall die , by His Spirit in you(born again) will Christ receive your Born again Spirit *************John14:2,3 ( this is the resurrection to Life) also in the rapture, should we remain & are alive and are caught up when Christ comes for the rest of His Church 1Thess.4:13-17****************************************************************************** & Rev.3:10.....only by His Spirit in us, will we be caught up to meet Him in the clouds & to be with Him forever more!!!now, if you are not born again , not sealed by His Spirit not cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood:John3:3,John14:6,Rom.10:9,10,Heb.9:11-15 & Rom.3:25 & 1John2:2 & Eph.1:13 & col.1:27.............(John3:3 born again) Not born again ,,you will NOT see heaven Christ will not receive your Spirit John14:2,3 & 1Thess.4:13-17 & rev.3:10..
..**********************NO 2ND CHANCES AFTER YOU DIE****************************
..Rev.20:12,13 you have no 2nd chances after you die , you are what you are when your body dies, your sins (works) will follow you & you will be judged by them Rev.20:10-14 **********Today is the day of your salvation, tomorrow may be too late, God could require your soul this very night********in fact, God is saying,repent now & do your first works, return unto God thru Christ Jesus, your time is short. Know God, Know His Word , do not be deceived,Know your Savior of which God is the ROCK of Your Salvation Deut.3:24 come on now Peter is not the Rock of our salvation ,please WAKE UP before it is too late. The Keys to Heaven is Believing God & Receiving Christ as your Savior (being Born again)to everlasting life............Get your eyes up off from the Physical ( comprehension) SEE into the Spiritual comprehension of God................pray that God will open your spiritual eyes & ears so you can SEE not just Observe....if you truly believe God and want Christ to come in & dwell in you and be born again....********pray a simple prayer something like this:******* don't just read my words, it is as an example:do not just say words you THINK will be pleasing to God, if your words are not coming from your heart , He will NOT hear you,*****EXAMPLE OF SINNERS PRAYER****Dear Jesus , I believe you are the Son of God, and that you came to earth & laid down your life for me, shed your blood for me , so through you & by your shed Blood * I can be forgiven & born again into everlasting life.Please come into my heart & dwell in me (Rev.3:20)I will confess you always & follow you all the days of my life Rom.10:9,10. Jesus ,please forgive me of all my sins, wash me & cleanse me by your shed Blood from all of my sins,from all unrighteousness.1John1:9,10..Be my Savior. thank you for your finished work on the cross and your shed blood so I can be forgiven , and thank you for forgiving me & for being my Savior, I am born again . amen******** if you prayed something like this****************** from your heart & soul and seriously meant it,then Christ is in you Rev.3:20 & Col.1:27 and He has sealed you with His Spirit Eph.1:13 unto the day of your redemption, by this is your assurance of your eternal salvation in Christ , Jesus being the sealer & Holy Spirit being the seal , you cannot lose your salavtion in Christ ,Jesus said, He will NOT lose one the father has given to Him (John1:12,13)remember...only God draws us unto the Son for salvation!!!...nor can the devil snatch one from the father's hand........2Cor.7:9,10 Holy Spirit in you will lead you to confession to repentance to salvation in Christ !!!now, you are born again & a child of God, so welcome to the family of God. Now,buy a Holy Bible KJV easiest to comprehend)get a study bible, so you can study by subject & it has notes to help you to comprehend...find a Holy Bible Believing Church, Christ centered & Holy Spirit filled church and go to church, get into Bible studies , fellowship w. other born again bible believing Christians.GROW & Mature in Christ & in your knowledge of God your heavenly Father.Feel free to IM me or e-mail me or God Bless & Keep you all the days of your life. Visit my sites, they can be of more help
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